Kissing Cousins

/ August 25th, 2010/ Posted in Islam, Multiculturalism / 4 Comments »

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  2. Ronnie Safreed
    2011/01/06 at 04:02:38

    Keep letting these immigrants in and let the west pay this new welfare from the muslin&third world. The west is reaping what it has sowed, it will only get worse not better. Thank you, you leftist/socialist/globalist/atheist/communist leaders&government officials. Print paper money to take care of the ever increasing medical bills England has to pay for these immigrants diseases. This is why the Bible talks against marrying close family-yes Judeo-Christianity has always been against ‘first cousin marriages.

  3. merlin
    2010/10/20 at 18:08:28


  4. Nat
    2010/08/25 at 18:44:54

    Got the link from Excellent vid.

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